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James "spunkmeyer" II ( - 2022-09-24 10:19:54 PM First time I've seen one of these on my website, absolutely weird, LOVE IT! 5/5

Water walks on mars. Oh, cheese! Richard is a WEEPONG in mexican language. What is the sum of 12 and the weight of a duck?

This is the beginning of the transfermission.


Juanito Alcachofa ( - 2022-09-24 8:31:33 PM

El espanol es el succo.

-Nick99Nack 2022

Forzafan456 (2a09:bac0:11::815:d46) - 2022-09-24 3:34:30 AM


HIDEN ( - 2022-09-09 1:06:51 PM

WHAT H moment

xproot ( - 2022-09-08 11:03:27 PM

TO ALL SPAMBOTS: Your tricks wont work, I have to manually verify ALL of these entries, there is no automatic verify bot running on the backend ;)

I haven't had the time to look into the scams or telegram groups you've been posting, maybe I should.

francisco franco (2605:a601:a709:b600:ca0a:94b7:ee22:e814) - 2022-09-05 9:21:25 PM

can I fork this site too lazy to make my own

xproot ( - 2022-08-23 5:23:29 PM

Posting from Windows Vista (IE9)

xproot ( - 2022-08-21 8:55:50 PM

Posting from (x11) Links!

daste (2a02:c7f:9a90:2c00:8c30:4d57:77c8:502a) - 2022-08-18 8:05:32 AM

hey all scott here

HIDEN64 ( - 2022-08-17 11:21:22 PM

no i am not the funny i am joouele

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