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Hello and Welcome to my homepage on the World Wide Web! (that felt good to type) Now you're probably expecting me to write what you can do on this website or what you should expect to find.

Well guess what, you're wrong.

As always this is my personal website so all you should expect is some cool 2k's style web themeing! You can also check out my blog, for random thoughts.

Love or hate this website design meant for 800x600 you have to admit it's charming, also suckaaaa 1440p+ users! :P

About me

I am a random internet person on this very random planet, The place where I live in is also pretty random.

I tend to like various unrelated stuff, so you might see me going about very different topics.

I like Coding/Scripting. Video Editing, along with Streaming. Scambaiting (wave emoji hi scammers)

Might start liking random stuff here and there.

Stuff I do

You could check out some of my projects

There's also /tests for random stuff I'm currently doing.

Friend's websites

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