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HP 430: Prelude

by xproot in 2024-05-28 03:21:11 AM

First of all, sorry for not posting for a while. Second of all, I have another Intel Celeron B800 laptop! And can you guess, it's not an ECS MB45II7 clone!

HP 430 Laptop

Second, it's got a triple boot!

Windows XP

Windows 7

Linux Mint

Third... It doesn't have a battery :(. So I bought one!

Getting to the point, I plan to main this thing over my ECS because, this Celeron is actually pretty fast. Faster than the other ECS clone (not my main) that has a Celeron 1000M I would say. Thus, I have put Windows XP on it and plan to main Windows XP. Once I receive the battery, I'll genuinely try maining this lovely piece of crap.

My full order is actually a 8GB stick of DDR3 ram and the battery for this computer. Not only do I plan to mostly main Windows XP, but I also plan to give this 12 GB total (even though I have XP x86 so I mostly won't use it).

I do attend some IT classes (currently most we've done is make a HTML-only site... HTML-only HTML5 sites SUCK, to flex I used quirks from older HTML versions to theme my site, and the teacher had to accept it since there was NO CSS B) ) and one of my teachers told me we'll be messing around with Micro-Bits soon so thanks to Supermium I can actually do all of this under Windows XP!

BTW, I will eventually bring comments on blog posts, don't worry!

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