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Welcome to my website!

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Welcome to xproot's site hosted on xproot.pw, may you have an xprootfantastic xprootday!
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About me

  • I am xproot, a random Internet person on this very random planet, someone who makes bad decisions then regrets them for the rest of their life.
  • I like old computers, programming (not good, specially not at PHP nor C#), and in general anything to do with computers.

About my surroundings

A photo of a laptop connected to a USB keyboard and mouse, connected to the Internet via Ethernet, and connected to a external monitor using VGA
While coding this exact website. (I sometimes use VSC, but I also use nano)
This is my main computer. It has:
CPU: Intel Core i5-3230M @ 2.6 GHz (2c2t since no hyperthreading, and my computer has to suspend before every 30m since I have a HM70)
Memory: 2x4GiB SODIMMs running at 1600MHz (a total of 8GiB)
Storage: Silicon Power 2TB SATA SSD (tank u parz)
A photo of a laptop booted to a Windows 7 desktop
Brick wall
One old trashy and trashed laptop. It has:
CPU: AMD E1-2100 APU with Radeon(TM) HD Graphics @ 1 GHz (I didn't understand the hate until now)
GPU: AMD Radeon HD 8210
Memory: 1x4GiB SODIMM running at 1333MHz (only one slot, like wtf?)
Storage: TOSHIBA 360GB SATA HDD @ 5400RPM (none of my disks are faster than that)