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You should totally get RSS!

by xproot at 2022-09-24
While I was coding RSS for this blog I really got hit by that realization of the downfall of RSS.
I have various VMs and all of the older browsers I've got installed there support RSS out-of-box, yet
Chrome, and all related (Chromium-based) just don't support it, why????
You also had websites boasting or even having a RSS button on their websites, now, it's RARE to even
have a website that supports RSS (I love you Discourse and Wordpress for maintaining a feature nobody uses!)

This is just sad, for me, RSS is like that part of the older web. And it's not like it's useless either!
It's a great way to keep up with your favorite blog from your desktop without having to check every time
IS THAT WHY IT FELL OUT OF USE? BECAUSE LESS BLOGS WERE MADE? Does Twitter have RSS? It would go great with

Anyways, let's take back the web, you should totally integrate RSS in your website!

I proudly have an RSS feed, located here: rss iconRSS Feed

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