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I think that's the end of my random motivation boost.

by xproot at 2022-09-24
I swear to god, I, like, I did so much in two days, something I barely can imagine myself doing!
I think you all can see the changes, most importantly, this blog! I'll blog here from time to time.
But here are some stuff I did:
- Blog
- Blog RSS
- Fix guestbook
- Add a new sucess message whenever you post to the guestbook
- Add links box to the sidebar
- Add my email to the socials box (hint hint click click... or don't email me to reduce spam :D)
- Add buttons box to the bottom of the pages (no valid HTML button since... frick that lol, too much useless requrements)
- Change the paths (now /blog/ instead of /blog.php)
- Fix "Your IP" on older browsers
- Make Light Mode server-side so it now works on even older browsers (and is easier to theme)
- And fix nick on light mode, so now he can be watching you in the light-shadows... I guess?

I still kind of want to do more but I'm thinking I should just rest now... (makes another blog post)
Happy evening (for you GMT -5 folks)

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